Haris Dzinovic

Born on 26 September 1951 in Sarajevo. Haris Dzinovic’s career in music began in 1975 in his hometown, where he sang and composed for other artists. Fascinated by the music of the Roma, Haris Dzinovic formed a band called Sar e Roma in 1981, consisting of a group of Roma musicians. They released three albums from 1982 to 1986 with numerous performances throughout the world.

In 1989, Haris Dzinovic began his solo career by releasing his first solo album titled “Haris.”

In 1991, he issued another independent album. Soon after war broke out, Haris went to Austria and later to France. He finally moved to Paris in 1997. While in Cannes in 1994, he received an offer from the publishing company Warner Chappell Music, to sing Sinatra's version of the famous song “My Way.” His version of “ My Way” called  “Cantar Gypsy” comes on the CD that came out that same year on the occasion of 25 years of the first release of this famous song.

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Discography (solo):

  • Haris Džinović (2000)
  • Jesu l' dunje procvale (1996)
  • Untitled (1991)
  • Haris (1989)

Discography (Sar e Roma):

  • Sar e Roma (1985)
  • Kiko, Kiko (1983)
  • Kao Cigani (1982)
  • The Best of